Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Down the Castle Wall" accepted by Blue Moon

The first fiction piece I ever wrote, "Down the Castle Wall," was just picked up by Blue Moon for their upcoming issue. I've been circulating it looking to get it picked up for 2.5 years, which seems like an eternity but from what many people tell me, isn't really that long. One guy I talked to said he crunched some numbers once, and he averages 40 submissions for a piece before it gets picked up. The degree of patience and self-belief involved in accepting the 39 NOs to get to that YES humbles me -- and motivates me to find homes for all my other homeless children ... :-)


Kelvin Oliver said...

I never had anything published, but blogging is close as I will get though. I don't think I write things that will get published. On the other hand, it is good to see your writing piece to get published. That is awesome!

CrustyPolemicist said...

Nothing wrong with blogging; I'd venture a guess that, in many cases, you'll get a lot more eyeballs reading your work on a blog than in many literary mags. I suspect that in my lifetime -- and certainly in my children's lifetime -- we'll see a revolution equivalent to the printing press, and online will be the default place where things will be published.

Kelvin Oliver said...

Yeah. I can kind of agree with you with more eyesballs taking a look at it. Somt magazines are getting read online and everything evolves around the internet. You do have a bit of a point there.