Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my Katrina play accepted for performance at NCCU

I submitted my Katrina play, "Bottom of the Ninth," to North Carolina Central University (an historically black college in Durham) many many months ago for a contest call they put out for plays that deal with issues of race and class in 21st-century America. The Katrina play was a perfect fit, so I tossed it over
the transom and promptly forgot about it. So this morning I'm going through my mail, and there's one of my self-addressed stamped envelopes that I stuff into all my submissions so I can get the inevitable rejection note. I get 2-4 of these a week containing rejections from various submissions I have circulating around. So I open it and it starts "Thank you for submitting your play, 'Bottom of the Ninth,' to NCCU Theatre Department's New Theatre Project." OK, a rejection, I stuff it in my pocket and make coffee. Sipping my coffee, I read on: "We are happy to inform you that your script was selected for a staged reading. Production dates will be Nov 7-9. Each performance will be followed by a discussion between the playwright and the audience. We are excited about staging your play, and look forward to seeing you at the staged readings and the post-performance discussions."

Well, stick me in a dress and call me 'Susan'! It goes without saying that I immediately painted my ass blue and ran naked around the woods out back.
No, seriously. Neighbors called the cops and everything. Went out as an APB: "Reports of a doughy bald guy with a blue ass running naked in the woods,
One-Adam-Twelve respond, over."

I am stunned and delighted. Any day that I'm alive and in possession of my faculties is a good day, but this makes today a very good day.

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